While Growing up in Flemingsberg along the track of the world's longest graffiti wall (Guinness world record, old record) it was clear that Ryck would become a sucker for Graffiti. In 1993 early childhood it was just the paintings along the S-line that was the big inspiration, he early met word and iker and painted with them for years before he went deeper into graffiti and met a lot of new painters from the city. Painters with different styles that influenced during the years. The hard knock life with a sick mother had it’s impact on him, graffiti saved his life. Today he has an open minded eclectic style without borders, all styles play a role. The art school made him create more than just graffiti, everything from mixed styles, collecting posters for creating large collages to photography.

He is also a sucker for electronic music and have a broad spectrum and knowledge when it comes to music in general. Ryck is Open Mind original!

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